Is ECMAScript 2021 Released?

Not Yet

An official release of ECMAScript 2021 will happen in June 2021

Meet ECMAScript 2021

  • String replaceAll() Method
  • WeakRef and Finalizers
  • Finalizers
  • Promise.any() and AggregateError
  • Logical Assignment Operator
  • Underscores as Numeric Seperator

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About ECMAScript

ECMAScript (or ES) is a general-purpose programming language, standardized by ECMA International according to the document ECMA-262.

First, it is important to mention that ECMA is an organization that makes and publishes standards in programming. The standard ECMA-262 was published with the intention to define and establish general features that programming languages should have. It can be confusing thinking of ECMA Script as a language when we already know that ECMA itself regulates programming languages in general.

To understand ECMA Script we need to talk about the intimate relationship it has with Javascript. ECMA Script is itself a specification for how scripting languages should work. ECMA Script is inspired heavily by Javascript, and some C-languages syntax features and syntax. Javascript is a perfectly compliant language that reflects the specifications that ECMA Script makes. You cannot quite program in ECMA Script, but when ECMA Script was released, JavaScript was made compliant with all of its features. Whenever ECMA Script is updated, Javascript follows.

ECMA Script has the main use of making different webpage features available and running across different web browsers. It is increasingly being used to develop new server applications and some services in the node.js language.


The latest ECMA Script version was released in June 2020 and has been updated yearly since 2015. Different functionalities are added and altered to make sure that all languages abide by the rules posted, and therefore, these updates have the very interesting capability to influence all that happens in the programming language world.